The formula
AEUN uses a somewhat experimental approach.
We use a unique mix of natural ingredients, ferments and specially selected skin loving preservatives. This vitamin rich mix simply softens and protects your skin.

What makes us so different
We make cross over products that give you great value for money.
  • Soap bars that double as shampoo bars
  • AHA’s peels with triple the comfort and double the protection of ordinary skin care products in a soap jar.
  • All over body scrubs in a creamy gel soap (AEUN soaps are mild enough to use anywhere on the body and work particularly well as a lip scrub).
  • Our Cocoa+ soap leaves a light peptide covering – perfect as a base for foundation and powders.
  • Mild enough for babies

Our History

Aeun started life accidentally in July 2016, when a skincare enthusiast stumbled upon skincare recipes that produced stunning effects from the comfort of the kitchen table. It did not take long before before she got to soaking, mixing, fermenting, researching, sudding and formulating.

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