Aeun on African Soap

I did a search for African soap recently and the pic’s I saw included the following.


This is the Ghanaian version of things – comes across well – is organic – pretty pricey though not a looker.

Then this caught my eye

Liquid. Looks even better.

This here below is the Nigerian version of black soap – Dudu Osun – Yoruba recipe.

<Lovely smell – kinda like apples>


While this one – amazing smell – palm kernel based =- very earthy is more popular in South East Nigeria. Igbo style recipe.


Creamier textured.

While our recipes are not African traditional recipes. They are influenced by the raw beauty of old school traditional soapmaking and our use of both coconut oil and cocoa butter as standard give more than a nod of respect to that soap making tradition. We do nut use use potash or shea butter but our ingredients are just as carefully selected and lovingly processed for excellent results. So until next time; love and light.


Trial Balm – Results…

Ok. At first glance it doesn’t look like much.


Slightly brown – amber oily stuff.

The ingredients don’t make it smell better – there are no hint of herbs, the alcohol has more or less dissipated itself. The constituency isn’t thick but is a strange mix of gel and oil – plus – no this is not yet a wonder balm.

No creaminess here – but it is curiously moisturising. This is in fact the best bit there – you can feel little beads of water almost drift across your skin as you put it on. As always, a little goes a long way.

This time round, as honey had proved an enemy to me in the past, I skipped the honey but made sure the serine mix was very much in evidence here.

The bottom base of the balm is evident as brown somewhat mushy congealed stuff. doesn’t sound nice but the smell of lactic acid has since disappeared. It smells kind of like sugary mild chocolate and even the vaguest hint of lemon seems to have gone away.

At first it comes on darker on your skin. The melanin having not been lost in the production process – but then surprisingly – it also has a super fast lemon lightening effect so not sure where to classify it as yet.

But compared to whats on the the market for a fiver, for an organic – all natural product – it sure does feel good. Note it is still in development. This is no magic product – we still have to meet our requirements ; i.e. it still has to be natural, be sustainable (less processing) and carbon neutral – so nothing here can bring the gas or heating down.

So all in all a good first try – I now have quite a bit to live up to for the next try.





Well, that’s how I felt when I first decided we needed a new wonder balm. One product to end it all.

Blemish fixing, skin restructuring, peptide packed skin helper.

That was over 5 months ago.

I though it would be yet another round of salting but it turns out salting out and fermenting for soaps comes across a little easier on the chemistry scales than you would get for a balm.

So I have the unfinished product still being processed in a jar as I try it out and have found myself in the strange situation where It worked better three days ago than it does now. Chemistry is strange. Maybe my product to be just defies the laws of chemistry. I hope it sticks to biology ok. I used bay leaves ; missed out on thyme and oregano this time.


Anyway here are a few tips for brewsters making their own lemon infused solutions.

  • Keep it secret
  • Test and record the effects as often as possible and early as possible – craftsmen can still act like scientists.
  • Be adventurous
  • Less sometimes is more.
  • Avoid Onions..



Men and Women – an Aeun perspective.

This is by far the worlds favourite topic.

Search for terms around male and female relationships and the results are deafening.

It could be as simple as this – Does he like me?

Signs to tell if a guy is into you.

How to make yourself more attractive to women.

Animal magnetism anyone?

Even worse – films like What women want and how to lose a guy in 10 days talk on and on about this same topic.020131_1292_0131_lsls

What is it about us humans that make us feel so special about sex and sexual relationships that spend most of our cultural norms, fables, advertising, power relationships honing in on it.

Advertising is of course blatant – sex sells.

Social norms are quieter, its about those phases – attraction – dating – attachment – lets partner up – marriage and the much dreaded divorce.


Today I found myself wondering – is Mika straight or gay?

Than I though – does it matter – because I recalled when he had first burst on the scene and sexuality had been a question. As I write this , I think of Rhianna, Ariana Grande, Nikki Minaj and the questions that had been raised earlier in their carriers about sexuality.

Even in political circles – these questions crop up – you have the scenarios involving Andrew Weiner and the David Davies park scenario and it is not about the career, or the impact they have had elsewhere – once we hone in on sex – everything else fleets away.

It seems as if our desire to represent ourselves or communicate ourselves well end up in a mass herd stampede with each one trying to outdo the other.

We have to be far smarter, more beautiful, more powerful, more influential, richer (get rich or die trying) or else – we just don’t feel good about ourselves. And it all comes down to the sexual instinct. that desire to mate. It knows no reason, it knows no boundaries in our minds sometimes, we instinctively understand it, we love it, we love being in throe to it, we overestimate it, and we underestimate it. These days we call it the desire spirit.

So this post is in a small way an ode to desire.

The desire to smile,

To live

To laugh

To feel

To relive life.

To thrive.

So for those looking to be a little bit smarter about the organic or craft style skincare to buy – feel free to try the products on our site.

Thanks for reading –







The Aeun Formula

One of the things that make us unique is the way we use our ingredients and preservative mix.

For one, we let the natural acids produced by oxidation act as a preservative to keep the bio-active function of the formula working. This means the product can keep for years – making it far more sustainable than your average skincare product.

Anyway, here is the gist about what you need to know about our key ingredients.



This stuff has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties though this is not why we use it. Honey has natural moisturising (humectant) and exfoliating properties which help skin to remain more resistant to damage.



This stuff does everything.

It forms a fine protective film which both protects, moisturises and gently exfoliates skin. Not only is it anti inflammatory ; it calms and softens skin too.



Hibiscus contains its weight in gold of vitamin C. This in addition to its toning effect helps it work with all the other ingredients to balance and keep skin and hair smooth and shiny.



Doesn’t sound like a wonder ingredient, but a little certainly goes a long way. The lactic acid in milk works together with the proteins to exfoliate and soften skin.  Fermented style formulations work to break down complex proteins into easier absorbed poly peptides and simpler amines to help restructure damaged skin.



Herbs like thyme, oregano, wormwood and mint boosts skin immunity, giving it well deserved protection and reducing inflammation.

Citric Acid


The holy grail of PH balanced skincare. Citric acid helps to reduce alkalinity and acts as both an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and an antioxidant.

What’s not to like.


Wednesday watch: Hidden Figures — Of Means and Ends


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Speak, Memory: Can Artificial Intelligence Ease Grief? — Longreads Blog

While not a skincare concern, AI is topical right now.

Skincare devices like Wayskin may or may not be compatible with Artificial Intelligence in the way that Big Data firms use it right now. This story cuts to right to the heart of some of the issues raised over the years about its use.

Can AI be humane, or will we run the risk of being over run by bots?

Roman’s bot offers us a clue.

When Roman Mazurenko died, his friend Eugenia Kuyda created a digital monument to him: an artificially intelligent bot that could “speak” as Roman using thousands of lines of texts sent to friends and family.

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