Trial Balm – Results…

Ok. At first glance it doesn’t look like much.


Slightly brown – amber oily stuff.

The ingredients don’t make it smell better – there are no hint of herbs, the alcohol has more or less dissipated itself. The constituency isn’t thick but is a strange mix of gel and oil – plus – no this is not yet a wonder balm.

No creaminess here – but it is curiously moisturising. This is in fact the best bit there – you can feel little beads of water almost drift across your skin as you put it on. As always, a little goes a long way.

This time round, as honey had proved an enemy to me in the past, I skipped the honey but made sure the serine mix was very much in evidence here.

The bottom base of the balm is evident as brown somewhat mushy congealed stuff. doesn’t sound nice but the smell of lactic acid has since disappeared. It smells kind of like sugary mild chocolate and even the vaguest hint of lemon seems to have gone away.

At first it comes on darker on your skin. The melanin having not been lost in the production process – but then surprisingly – it also has a super fast lemon lightening effect so not sure where to classify it as yet.

But compared to whats on the the market for a fiver, for an organic – all natural product – it sure does feel good. Note it is still in development. This is no magic product – we still have to meet our requirements ; i.e. it still has to be natural, be sustainable (less processing) and carbon neutral – so nothing here can bring the gas or heating down.

So all in all a good first try – I now have quite a bit to live up to for the next try.



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