Aeun on African Soap

I did a search for African soap recently and the pic’s I saw included the following.


This is the Ghanaian version of things – comes across well – is organic – pretty pricey though not a looker.

Then this caught my eye

Liquid. Looks even better.

This here below is the Nigerian version of black soap – Dudu Osun – Yoruba recipe.

<Lovely smell – kinda like apples>


While this one – amazing smell – palm kernel based =- very earthy is more popular in South East Nigeria. Igbo style recipe.


Creamier textured.

While our recipes are not African traditional recipes. They are influenced by the raw beauty of old school traditional soapmaking and our use of both coconut oil and cocoa butter as standard give more than a nod of respect to that soap making tradition. We do nut use use potash or shea butter but our ingredients are just as carefully selected and lovingly processed for excellent results. So until next time; love and light.



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