DESIRE – Men and Women – an Aeun perspective.

This is by far the worlds favourite topic.

Search for terms around male and female relationships and the results are deafening.

It could be as simple as this – Does he like me?

Signs to tell if a guy is into you.

How to make yourself more attractive to women.

Animal magnetism anyone?

Even worse – films like What women want and how to lose a guy in 10 days talk on and on about this same topic.020131_1292_0131_lsls

What is it about us humans that make us feel so special about sex and sexual relationships that spend most of our cultural norms, fables, advertising, power relationships honing in on it.

Advertising is of course blatant – sex sells.

Social norms are quieter, its about those phases – attraction – dating – attachment – lets partner up – marriage and the much dreaded divorce.


Today I found myself wondering – is Mika straight or gay?

Than I though – does it matter – because I recalled when he had first burst on the scene and sexuality had been a question. As I write this , I think of Rhianna, Ariana Grande, Nikki Minaj and the questions that had been raised earlier in their carriers about sexuality.

Even in political circles – these questions crop up – you have the scenarios involving Andrew Weiner and the David Davies park scenario and it is not about the career, or the impact they have had elsewhere – once we hone in on sex – everything else fleets away.

It seems as if our desire to represent ourselves or communicate ourselves well end up in a mass herd stampede with each one trying to outdo the other.

We have to be far smarter, more beautiful, more powerful, more influential, richer (get rich or die trying) or else – we just don’t feel good about ourselves. And it all comes down to the sexual instinct. that desire to mate. It knows no reason, it knows no boundaries in our minds sometimes, we instinctively understand it, we love it, we love being in throe to it, we overestimate it, and we underestimate it. These days we call it the desire spirit.

So this post is in a small way an ode to desire.

The desire to smile,

To live

To laugh

To feel

To relive life.

To thrive.

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Thanks for reading –








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