On Dirt

This is a somewhat counter intuitive post for a confirmed soap seller.

But, this is what we think about dirt, if you have no sores, no wounds and are generally in good health.

You know what?

Be Dirty.


Yes, you heard us, dirt is good for you.

Washing, cleaning, however hygienic also removes some of friendly bacteria that help us maintain the body’s equilibrium and disrupts the PH balance of the skin.¬†Even worse, living in a sterile environment can prevent us from forming vital immunity against things we could otherwise become allergic to. This is one of the reasons why we use less processing and natural bio-actives or ferments in most of our formulas. The closer we are to what nature intended – the healthier we shall be. See our clay enriched fermented peptide masks.

So from time to time, let the dirt build up, if anything ; just so you can enjoy the refreshing feel of that cleanser against your skin or enjoy the scent of the floor cleaner and that previously annoying bathroom cleanser.

Or do what the clean brigade tell you to do – express life – be sterile.

For bitchy expressions – hit@aeuntalk or just leave a comment below.


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